Salesforce Support


How we can help you with Salesforce

Using a sophisticated CRM like Salesforce is a journey not a destination. What we love about our Salesforce Support Managed services is that we get to partner with you on that journey.

Managed Services is a formal way of saying “we got your back”.  The basics is that we provide your organization with Salesforce support over a six or twelve month period. Over that time, we get to know your business processes and what you need. This could be 10 hours a month or 100 hours a month; we have packages that fit every organization. We can fix bugs or develop new features for you, whatever is your priority. We can partner with your internal Salesforce team or be a standalone team for your organization. Our secret sauce is that packages can include project management, business analysis, custom software development, data migration or system administration work.

Typical areas that we focus on are:

  • Work with you to identify pain points
  • Meet with you on a consistent basis to help prioritize bugs and features
  • Train users and superusers
  • Fix bugs
  • Implement third party applications
  • Provide data clean up
  • Build new features and enhancements
  • Help create a roadmap of features

With Managed Services we can help your organization get the highest value out of Salesforce products on an ongoing basis on your timeline when you need it. Business processes change over time and you need to make sure your tools change with those processes and are providing the highest value to your organization.

Ready to start working with us?

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